The New Rewards Loyalty Program of HotForex

The all-new HotForex Trading Rewards Loyalty Program is giving their traders the chance to earn cash and rewards for their Forex Trading Service.

HotForex is giving out rewards to its clients while introducing their tiered loyalty program that gives traders a chance to earn money and trading service rewards like Trading Central, advanced VPS, and one-to-one sessions with HotForex Market Analyst.

HotForex Trading Rewards Loyalty Program

The HotForex Trading Rewards loyalty Program lets traders earn HotForex Bars (points) for each qualifying round-turn lot that they will be trading on Forex, Gold and Silver. The HotForex Bars will increase depending on the loyalty level that you’ve achieved and the accumulated active trading days.

They have four different reward levels: Red, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Traders immediately qualify for the Red Trading Rewards through registering to the program. The more active the trader is every day, the faster he/she will move up to the tiered program and the more HotForex Bars he/she will earn per round-turn.

As soon as the trader has accumulated enough HotForex Bars, he/she has the choice of exchanging them for cash or other Forex trading tools or services. Current offers include cash, 12 months Trading Central subscription, HotForex Debit Card, 1 month advanced VPS access, 1 hour private session with a HotForex Market Analyst, and 3 months advanced VPS access. If you want to exchange your HotForex bars to cash, 35 bars is equivalent to 1 USD.

We wanted to reward our clients for their loyalty, and our new Trading Rewards Loyalty Program is our way of giving something back by empowering our clients to make every qualifying trade count towards their loyalty balance,” says the spokesperson for HotForex. “We gave a lot of thought to the rewards on offer and we feel that we’ve put together a great selection of Forex trading services that will enhance the trading tool-kit of any trader. Our Trading Rewards Program follows hot on the heels of the recently launched HotForex App, and is our next step towards providing clients with exceptional trading tools and services as standard.”

About HotForex Trading

HotForex is among the leading global forex broker that provides both retail and institutional trading services to clients and traders from various countries around the world. Since it has been founded, the company has been winning major awards and titles from highly respected finance industry bodies for providing innovative forex trading services.

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