Put Your Bitcoins to Good Use, Invest in Forex

For those who want to trade in a safe environment with limited volatility, Forex might just be the best option. This is primarily the reason why those who have Bitcoin are investing their coins to the Forex market. Because Bitcoin is very volatile, many traders are considering other investment options of their Bitcoins.

SimpleFX, a brokerage company founded in 2014, offers traders an opportunity to utilize Bitcoins or Litecoins for investment in the Forex Market. What makes this company great is that they offer leverage to the traders, allowing them to trade small amounts with high volumes. They feature a wide variety of trading instruments that you can choose from and more than 60 currency pairs, oil, metals, stock indices, Litecoins, and Bitcoins.

SimpleFX allows traders to use Anonymous accounts with no minimum deposit required and no trading commission. They feature a wide range of important and useful information, as well as other tools to help traders achieve their goals.

With leverage, traders are able to make use of their benefits. They don’t need the entire capital to trade because only a small portion of the entire amount is enough. SimpleFX offers traders the opportunity to set their leverage levels, allowing adjustment of their plan and trading strategies. You can set the leverage level from 1:2 up to 1:500.

Aside from all that, the company also features an affiliate program that has multi-level connections and marketing tools. They also offer community features like Shoutbox, which allows traders to discuss anything pertinent.

SimpleFX trading is made through MetaTrader 4. A demo account can be opened by a broker’s client that will allow them to practice their skills before joining the real trading arena. Thus, if you are looking to put your Bitcoins to good use, you might as well consider looking into SimpleFX and open a demo account to test its platform and your skills.

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