DLL, Terberg, Stena Line Successfully Joined Together in International Fleet Management Transaction

Stena line has been a faithful customer to tractor manufacturer Terberg for over 30 years and the latter is very proud to be working with them. One of the proofs that their partnership has a lot of future together is the recent transaction which involves an order of 76 tractors. The tractors which Terberg provides come with many options. Thus, Stena lines should ensure that they got the best drivers. Someone that is equipped with skills and knowledge about the job. It is important that they can handle heavily loaded roll trailers and those trailers that come with low kingpin heights. With these tractors that come with optimized financial solution package of DLL enables Stena to provide works which they are known for, which is shipping cargo. This is according to Frank Oerlemans, Terberg Benschop. Additional comments comes from Marie Dunkley, the UK country sales manager for the Construction, Transportation & Industrial industries at DLL which states that Terberg has previously worked with DLL on a larger transactions is Europe and later on introduced us to Stena Line this deal. Provided With the knowledge that we have regarding the assets and materials handling industry, we can surely provide terms that are more suitable for general asset based financial suppliers because most often than not, they have been struggling with this.

Structuring the transaction was quite complicated because it would be a long term project, running from 7 to 10 years with high residual values as well as multiple jurisdictions. Good thing that they come up with a tailored solutions which will allow Stena Lines to retain its flexibility and other options which is offered by Stenberg. In fact, DLL even bought four units which has already been delivered and was leased back to make sure that the entire fleet will land under one financing platform. As for DLL, being one of the global fleet centric, financial solutions partnered with local knowledge, they know that standardized yet flexible financing options as well as strong supplier relationships as the secret for large fleet owners. According to Michiel van Ramesdonk, a VP Global Fleet Customer- at DLL, “To make financing more accessible, we tailor our financial solutions to their financial situation. As such, we are not just financing the equipment, but also offer advice about financial structures and more, recognizing the financial complexity that comes with international operations.”

The effective fleet management is about ideas, being able to monitor usage and effectively manage operations in order to cut down costs and increase the efficiency of the production. At DLL’s fleet centric approaches to asset financing means; they are continuously looking for some ways to develop solutions to provide such.

In 2014 to 2015, Stena Line implemented Fleet Management on terminal equipment in 15 port terminals. Working hand in hand with Terberg and DLL we have built a platform supporting our Dutch and UK terminal to take the next steps in continuous safe and efficient service and customer handling. This is according to Per Soholt, Stena Line Port and Terminals.

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