Boston Ivy Launches new TLDs

Boston Ivy has recently launched their domain registry services. With focus on the financial and trading industry, the company is promoting their latest offering as a service that would help businesses make a name in their respective industries. The top line domains (TLD) available through Boston Ivy are as follows: .broker, .cfd, .forex, .trading, .markets, and .spreadbetting.

Those new TLDs are included in the new opening of domains that are available for bidding through the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Other newly minted names are .technology, .guru, and .xyz.

During his presentation about “Choosing a High Impact Domain Name” at the Finance Magnates London Summit, Solomon Amoako, the Chief Sales Officer of Sedo, enumerated 5 key points when choosing a domain name; two of which are relevant to TLDs.

The first key point he mentioned was research and analysis of demographics and target markets to help understand names and extensions better.

Amoako emphasized that (1) research and analysis of demographics and target markets are important in order to understand names and extensions better and to know which of them fits best. (2) Keeping the domain simple and (3) avoiding the use of numbers or hyphens important as well because difficult names or adding numbers and hyphens won’t stick to the memory of the web users.

Another point he emphasized is (4) finding a domain that would fit your niche. That is, using TLDs like .forex and .trading to promote better connection with your users.

Lastly, (4) considering how your domain will affect “click through rates” (CTR). Amoako said that domains that are easier to understand would affect the CTR on web searches. For paid searches, these are very important because higher CTRs would give sites higher quality scores from search engines, like Google and Bing, which lowers cost per click and reduces costs for acquisition. He also cited an example, IG.Forex; by adding the .forex domain, it easily gives the customers an idea what IG is all about.

Amoako said that the future of marketing with the new TLDs is yet to be seen. But he believes that as soon as companies embrace the new TLDs, such as the .App domain bought by Google, there would be increased market awareness for the web extensions. In terms of .forex domain, he predicted that the FX.Forex would become a million dollar domain in the years to come.

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