I love Facebook Gains with eCommerce Announcement

Facebook, one of the underutilized marketing tools in the Binary Options and Forex industry, recently announced that there will be some changes on how advertisers can engage their prospective customers on their social media platform. These changes resulted to an increase in the value of shares of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB); which is why those advertisers who need to engage their clients need to pay particular attention on them (changes).

What are the Changes according to Joshua Rodriguez?

  • Facebook soars on the changes in eCommerce

It is not a secret that Facebook is one of the biggest companies in technology and — by far — the biggest company in the social media industry. Currently, they are working on being one of the big players in online retail. Facebook’s announcement clearly got the attention of the investors, getting them hyped up.

  • Facebook is looking to bank on eCommerce

Facebook is currently making money in the eCommerce industry; but, it’s not that much. As a matter of fact, eCommerce only account for nearly 2% of the total revenue of the company. Nevertheless, the company is intent on changing that. Facebook announced on Monday that they are testing new features for advertisers who are looking to sell products to Facebook users. These features will enable businesses to post products for sale on their fan pages; thereby, eliminating the need for redirecting users to a new page when transacting, allowing users to buy straight on Facebook. Catherine Boyle, an eMarketer analyst, said, “From Facebook’s perspective, they’re addressing a paint point for retailers… they will attract serious ad dollars with this offering.”

  • What are the effects on Facebook shares?

If there’s something that we learned from history it’s that when there’s good news, we see good improvements on the company’s stock value. This is exactly what happened after the announcement.

  • What to expect as Facebook moves forward

Joshua Rodriguez believes that Facebook is doing more than just digging deep into eCommerce with their move. They are also showing their investors that they haven’t lost their touch in terms of technological innovation. One of the major concerns that investors have about Facebook is the fact that they’ve saturated the market already, making harder for them to grow. But with new advertising plans, Facebook sees the light and investors have realized that. With that being said, the new found confidence from the investors sends their stock value soaring. How long this will last? We don’t know. But for the moment, Rodriguez tends to have more bullish opinion on what you can expect to see from Facebook.

  • Turning trends to profits

With Facebook, it is easy to turn the trends they are setting into profit; thus, it is safe to say that we will be seeing gains. Some analysts believe that their stock will break the resistance at $95.31+ and find a new level of support from investors. Thus, this is now the time to start looking for stock opportunities in the short term. From there, be updated of the news to know more clues regarding the direction of the stock.

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