Forex Broker FXCM Attacked by Hackers

An online foreign exchange broker FXCM Inc, told the press about being hacked. It said that its system had experienced severe hacking and a “small number” of unauthorized wire transfers of accounts were made resulting to almost 75 percent of shares lost from the company.

Last Thursday, the company said that all lost accounts were returned. According to FXCM, it received an email from a disclosed hacker claiming to have illegal access to customer information. Moreover, it said to have notified the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

A spokesperson of FBI said the bureau was “aware of the incident and is investigating.”

According to FXCM, they are working with a cybersecurity firm and the investigation is on the process. The investigation primarily aims to determine the extent of the damage of the said hacking incident, to identify the affected customers and possibly recuperate losses. However, the company did not disclose further details about the hacking incident including the date of the attack. FXCM did not even give an immediate response to request for comment.

According to reports, FXCM is the latest victim of a cybersecurity attack. Before FXCM attack were incidents of hacking on Target Corp, Apple Inc, and JPMorgan Chase & Co.

China has been accused of initiating such hacking thus making a big threat against the national security of United States. U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinesecounterpart Xi Jinping signed an agreement last week to fight cyber warfare.

Cyber-attacks are making great threats around Canada and in the entire of United States. Many companies have been taking the issue seriously and they are taking advanced measures to counter hacking activities by malicious entities.

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